Nana Fair About

“Pity the fool who thinks tea is for oldies, for they’re missing out on its power to slow time…”

(Smith Journal)


In the early 1900’s Mr and Mrs Fairburn made the journey from Yorkshire, England to Australia in search of a better life. With little money and a growing family they lived off the land and found fun in simple things. Their humble white weatherboard was always full with neighbors stopping by for a cup of tea and a chat. Nana Fair quickly became known for her unique brews and whistling kettle.

Three generations later, Simon and his wife Hannah are now settled on Australia’s Gold Coast. Carrying the same passion for quality tea and all it represents, Nana Fair was born in the hope of preserving this art and culture.

After many months of travelling and sourcing some of the best teas on the globe, Nana Fair is excited to offer a unique and quality range. With old favorites and new flavours, Nana Fair tea is made from quality ingredients with rich and natural flavour.