Growing up, there was never a problem too big or too small that couldn’t be solved over a fresh cup of tea. So many of my favourite moments started with “I’ll put the kettle on”… and still do. It’s my favourite pastime – embracing both an art and tradition that has stood the test of time and speaks the language of every human around the world. It brings people together and invites conversation. It builds friendship and creates memories. It gives opportunity for a deep breath and a spare thought. And that’s what I love about it.

The idea of Nana Fair came after realising the subtle yet important part tea played in our lives. We have met many people with a shared love and appreciation for tea and through this look forward to meeting many more.

Here, we are all about quality, hand-picked leaves. New flavours and old favourites. Brilliant ambers and aromas. We are about paused moments, great conversation, old friends and refills. We look forward to wherever this journey takes us, thanks for being a part of it.