If the grand old buildings, geranium flower boxes and cobblestone streets aren’t enough to make you fall in love with Paris, then its food and culture will definitely sway you! Walking through the streets of Montmartre is like walking through a picture book. Artists line the stony streets, along with fresh fruit and flower shops. Each narrow road, another little alleyway packed with life, music and delicious French cuisine.

As the sun goes down and street lights go on, the city comes to life even more so. Dinner here is an experience. The pavements are lined with restaurant after restaurant, and locals and travelers alike pile in and sit shoulder to shoulder along the alfresco sidewalk. At first glance you would think it was one big family dining together, until you too are packed in and see that each table is engrossed in conversation and intently involved in their own world. There are no phones to be seen, no one texting or updating social media. Instead each person is where they are, alive in the moment, absorbing the here and now. You can’t capture this, it simply has to be enjoyed.

We found a hidden little French Bakery ‘Pain au Levain Biologique’ down a narrow street, and have had breakfast there every morning since. Freshly baked croissants, raisin danishes with fig jam, fromage blanc with natural honey and raspberries. Hand squeezed orange juice and the freshest pot of steaming French Earl Grey, how could we not… The young waitress only spoke minimal English, and I minimal French, but we always smiled and exchanged bonjour as she laughed as we walked in…again. Ah Pari, I shall miss you, but until next time, au revoir and merci!