Barcelona’s tree lined mall La Rambla is buzzing with crowds of tourists, street artists and buskers. It’s a crazy mix of colour, culture and music. Pick any side street though and you will enter a fun-filled maze of quaint boutiques and quirky cafes, far removed from any sort of commercialism. The perfect place to find some hand-moulded pottery, personalised painting or one-off fashion piece.

Barcelona is a city of self expression, where people pour themselves into their craft and art. It’s a youthful city with an appreciation for music and dancing, late nights and un-conventionalism. Perhaps it’s the influence of their well renowned artist and architect Antoni Gaudi that inspired this passion for art and innovation. He left his own personal mark on the city with vibrant mosaics and little buildings that look like ginger bread houses. Some of his most famous work is like walking through a disney movie with cartoon-like cathedrals and warped apartments.

You don’t need to adventure too far to find a lively little tapas bar with great food, live music and dancing. Time is never an issue here, simply just a transition from day to night, and as the sun goes down, the city lights come on and the music gets louder. There’s a lot to appreciate about this city, it’s passion for individualism goes right through the heart of it’s people and it stands alone as a beautiful work of art.