The hills are very much alive riding through Austria’s glorious countryside! We cycle through dense green forest, until occasionally there is a clearing with a little Austrian village nestled away, complete with its own quaint church, school and humble cottages; all these little worlds tucked away in the dense woodlands. Such a curious adventure to see what each little clearing of trees will hold. It’s a wonderland of green shades, crystal waterfalls and rolling hills.

Arriving in Austria’s capital, Vienna, I feel like I’m back in Paris. The buildings hold themselves with grace and grandeur, with an elegance in the street life that makes you feel like you’re walking through an older world. The day is grey, but somehow only adds to the city’s beauty. The rain comes in the afternoon and Vienna’s main street becomes a blurred picture of coloured umbrellas and climbing steeples. The damp cold is always a nice excuse to escape the elements and find a little cafe to sit and watch the world go buy.

It doesn’t take us long to find a little brick tea house, concealed by crawling vines and boxed windows. Walking in, we’re overwhelmed by the delicious pastries and petite fortes presented so perfectly through the glass cabinet. Austrian’s certainly know how to do afternoon tea. We select ‘the worlds best strudel’ (which I’m convinced it probably is) and a piece of raspberry mousse cake. We sit and sip on an amazing orange rooibos, while listening to the thick Austrian accents and watching the drops hit the window pane. An hour later the roof still echoes the sound of beating rain, so we decide to order a vanilla bean tea this time, which proves to be the perfect afternoon companion.