The stoney streets of Budapest are blanketed with a gentle quiet. There’s a peacefulness in the atmosphere that you don’t expect from such a populated city, yet the calmness is evident. The old buildings stand tall, lining the many pathways that mark out this grand place.The city’s architecture carries the battle scars from its past and each building gives presence and understanding of what has been. It’s flag is hung proudly through the streets proclaiming this country alive and free. The hand-crafted markets of linen and woodwork bring life to it’s echoey streets and colour to its ornate, yet monotone architecture.

On sundown the quiet streets are transformed. Golden lights illuminate every pathway and each building is lit up. Music flows through its narrow alleys with talented street musicians. Around every corner is another fine restaurant with attentive friendly staff and emotive atmosphere. The food is like none I’ve ever tasted. The dishes are full of colour and flavour, reflective of their Eastern influence. The fruit teas are very popular here and like the food are aesthetically vibrant and rich in taste, with a combination of dried ingredients that have been creatively and perfectly matched. Their homemade lemonade is always a lovely refreshment too, filled with citrus fruits and bitter-sweet flavour, thirst-quenching on the hot summer nights.

Obviously shaped and influenced from its neighbouring countries, Hungary is full of diversity and rich culture. It’s people are beautiful. Softly spoken and gentle in manner. Quick to offer assistance and excited to share in the beauty of their city. Authentic in every way, they take pride in their country and their craftsmanship. A grand city, with respect for its past and gratitude for its future.