Prague’s true spirit is still very much alive in its old town square. Bare-chested men in leather and fur belt out traditional music with deep vocals and percussion. The charcoal smells fill the centre square with hearty potato dishes and barbecued meat being cooked from wooden stalls. Horses and carts transport the spectators through the township, past its historic astronomical clock and gothic cathedrals, replicating the centre square in all its past glory. One of Czech’s most beautiful cities, Prague’s buildings are full of character with their coloured render and multi-toned edging, giving the aged city a lively atmosphere and the feeling of many secrets held in its pastel bricks.

Known for its high end fashion and Bohemian style, the city is full of creative flair. Its talented musicians and street artists give character to each corner, as do the couture boutiques and fashion shops. Individuality and style is well respected here and it’s inspiring just to walk through the streets. We were delighted to find its high regard for tea, with loose leaf tea shops and authentic tea houses tucked away in the alleys. There were hundreds of unique blends available for sampling, with colours and aromas that made it hard to choose favourites.

Prague’s high end artistic world is well mixed with its relaxed nightlife. Most of the streets are lined with pubs and bistros and offer hearty meals and inexpensive dinning. The city’s river is a beautiful walk on dusk, with weeping willows hugging the banks and stone bridges connecting the city to the country. With an eye for quality and style, Prague is a city full of old world charm and character around every corner.