The leaves are falling in London. Hyde park is carpeted in golden reds and yellows. The air is crisp and steam fills it with each breath. It’s the perfect excuse to rug up in boots and beanies and warm your hands with a cup of something hot and steaming. The weather only seems to add to the ‘old London’ feel and the vibrant Autumn colours add another shade of red to London’s busses, post boxes and phone booths.

Browsing through Portobello road is like wandering through a treasure cove, it’s filled with little odds and bits, perfect for those that have the time to sift through to find the gold. It’s a charming stroll, lined with old brick houses and smoking chimneys, picket fences and rose gardens. We couldn’t pass through the Motherland without stopping for a traditional English afternoon tea. Fine China tea cups and rose painted milk jugs; it’s a delicate past time that is still cherished here in London and you can’t participate without sitting a little straighter and holding your head a little higher.

It’s interesting to observe the parallels that exist between England and Australia. Walking through Trafalgar there’s an odd sense of home, perhaps it’s hearing our own language, or the lively little pubs, or maybe the Queens face on the penny’s. Either way it’s a real reminder of where we’ve come from, and the world that Australia was built on. There’s a lot we can learn from looking back, and if we keep anything from those that have gone before us may we keep this:

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope.” (Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister 1940)