Rivers for streets and bridges for roads is the way of life for the people of Venice. The brick pathways that weave through the houses seem to run wherever they choose and occasionally just end; sometimes there’s a bridge, sometimes there’s not… but all the more fun to explore. Every corner turned is another vibrant colour added to the palate. Little purple flower boxes hang against the beautifully worn red and yellow Italian apartments. Deep green vines climb the walls and cling to the terra-cotta brick. Brightly coloured boats bob up and down in the ever-changing blue water.

Looking up from a narrow alley, one lady’s hanging out her window stringing up her washing, while her neighbour is feeling lucky with a fishing line hanging out his lounge room window. Boats cruise slowly through the rivers, some with chatting passengers, others are solo travelers out for some morning sea and sun. The main canal is bustling as cargo and passenger ships share the same space and the local markets manage the souvenir shoppers. An afternoon here is crowded and noisy and wonderful.

All the cliches are as they should be; striped gondolas serenade their passengers as they navigate through the watery streets. A young couple sit daydreaming while winding their espaghetti and sipping on their vino. The fishermen on the docs argue loudly in thick italian, as their boats nearly collide. Two young barefooted boys race past, gelato in hand. This is the magic of Venice. Here the food tastes better, the sun shines brighter and the days stretch longer.