Training through the Swiss Alps into Jungfrau was like entering another world. The deeper we travelled, the greener the grass, the taller the trees, the grander the mountains, the whiter the snowy peaks. It truly is majestic. The Swiss are a very innovative people. High regard is given to anything “Swiss made”, and with inspiration like this each morning it’s easy to understand their creative flow. Just being here causes you to take a step back and give thanks for the fresh breath in your lungs.

The simplicity of life here is just as precious as its surroundings. Few cars occupy the road, instead the stony streets are ruled by horses and cyclists. Everything is freshly baked and ‘fresh produce’ refers to the veggie patch and milk cow. ‘Tea-time’ is treasured and enjoyed at a delightfully slow pace. Each window on the wooden A-frame houses are dressed with a flower box, as are the lamp posts that line the streets and the perfectly placed flower patches (well maintained by the town flower-waterer). A peacefulness rests on this sleepy little town which is only occasionally interrupted by the church bells, bringing the reality of time.

Sitting here sipping on my tea, it does feel like the world has stopped. Without trying to you forget the business of the world and the petty things that occupied your thoughts. Instead you’re reminded of all that truly matters, finding yourself lost in the surroundings, giving thanks to the greatest artist of all.