Big white pavers set in grey rubble map out the maze that this Island is. Originally built to confuse the pirates in the 16th century, the streets of Mykonos are a wonderful place to find yourself lost. The square white houses with aqua trim and matching blue doors line each narrow street. They are coloured with the occasional splash of green and purple from the vines that crawl the walls and the washing that flaps in the breeze. You never quite know what you’ll discover around each bend, sometimes a quaint chapel or handcrafted boutique, maybe a local cafe or souvenir shop. Every corner is another picturesque nook.

If you can navigate your way to the shore, you will find the heart of Mykonos in it’s coastline. Up on the hill are the stout little windmills with a view that overlooks the bay and welcomes home the islands travellers. The brightly painted fishing boats hug the shores and bob in the crystal water, while the sandy beaches are filled with sun-bathers. Fresh, local seafood is sold in all of the restaurants that line the pier, along with all the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean. Oils, dried fruits and olives are on hand for any traveller wanting to take a taste of Greece home.

It’s a beautiful view to watch the sun slip below the horizon and colour the sky brilliant oranges and pinks. The afternoons are long and drawn out, it’s like the sun doesn’t want to leave. Neither do I. Sea salt flavours the air and the sand is still warm even after dark. The wind picks up and smashes the sea onto the rocks, sending the spray across the bay. Windswept, sun soaked and perfectly content. A lovely taste of Island life.